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Customizable designs -

While I will be putting an inventory of spray paint and rugs on the store that is available for immediate purchase, you have the option to order any design I have here as either a spray painting or a rug. You can customize elements such as the colors, size, and shape of your pieces. Information on this is included below. Send all inquiries and order requests either as a DM to my instagram @perezzzart, or as an email to

Step 1: Download the information form you want

Select the form based on if you would like a spray painting on canvas, a wool rug, or an acrylic rug. You don't need to write on the form, but it will contain information you will need to help customize your piece!

Acrylic yarn rugs:

Pros -

-less expensive materials means more economical pricing

-Many more colors available to choose from, often more vibrant colors as well

Cons - 

-Not suggested to be used as a rug that will see much foot traffic. While they may be fine to step on every once in a while, they will fray if they see repeated use. For this reason I do not put a non-slip backing on them. Suggested to be either a wall hanging, or put on the floor out of high traffic areas.

Wool yarn rugs:


-Very durable. These rugs can be stepped on regularly and should last you many years. You can treat these as you would an area rug you buy in the store. 


-More expensive. The cost of wool yarn is much more expensive than acrylic yarn. This is reflected in the cost of the rug. I also put non-slip backings on these rugs which increases the price a bit. 

-Less color options. Colors that are available are on the form. 

Spray paint info form
Wool rug info form
Acrylic rug info form

Step 2: choose the design you want

Click on each image to see the title of the design. Put this in the form where it asks for "Title of design". I will be periodically adding to this list, so stop back in from time to time to see what's new!

Step 3: Place your order

I should respond to your order request in one to two business days. I will send you a draft at this time of your piece using the specifications you request in your message to me. Once you approve of the design I send I will send you an invoice for the order and begin making your piece! 

All of these pieces are made to order. Rug orders will take me about two weeks to make, and spray paint orders will take me about one week. I will let you know when the items are shipped and send you a tracking code.

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