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About Me


        My name's Kevin Perez. I am 25 and I've been making art in some fashion since I was a kid. I don't have much formal training, though I was an art major in school for a year before switching to get a degree in sociology. I am located in Philadelphia, and grew up about an hour south of here in rural Pennsylvania. 

        I like to experiment with lots of medium. This is partially because it is fun to get different effects with each medium. But I am currently interested in replicating designs between mediums. For example, I use some of the same designs as tattoos, spray paints, and rugs. Generally, I like the idea of being able to express oneself by putting creations in as many different places as possible - whether that's a floor, a wall, or on skin.

        Aside from these replicable designs, I also like to do 1/1 original acrylic paintings. I'd say I have less of a defined "style" here, both in terms of technique and subject matter, but I like that because it lets me freely paint whatever I am interested in at the time. I also enjoy creative writing. I have some of my writing I did when I was younger on this site, but it is admittedly roughly written. I have been writing a book I am more proud of for a while, and hopefully will have it available on the site eventually.

        For the most part, my art sales have been done at art fairs which I drive to periodically in my cargo-turned-art van. But as any keen observer would do, I have waited about five years after e-commerce became popular to try to shift some sales to this site.


About "TheLLLK"

        "The LLLK" stands for "the little lucky lunatic klan". This started out as just a throw away line I put in the first horror story I wrote as a teen. I then put it in a couple other creative writing pieces, as kind of a ridiculous term to describe some group with bizarre sensibilities. I liked the idea of people thinking differently, or outside the box, and particularly liked it when it came to thinking about art. I made that the title of my website and made stickers with the URL written which I would throw up on walls when I traveled. I even made it into a kind of absurdist performance piece trying to make some fictionalized cult leader who only cared about his strange interpretation of art, which to some degree I related to.

        As I got older the term has held different meanings to me, but I still feel as if the idea to make art to express yourself is not as widely practiced as it should be. I am a fan of folk art and amateur artists. I'd likely rather display them in my home than most commercial art, because that art is made only with the joy of making art in mind. And while I am now making what could be regarded as "commercial" art to some degree, I make what I make because it is what I like to do. So for ease of message, we'll say this clan is working to tear down the tyranny that is minimalism, white walls, and design with the intent of being as "sellable" as possible.

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